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About Us

Welcome to our Marrakech Treasures, where tradition and artistry unite in our exceptional collection of Moroccan handmade rugs. Founded by Hamza and Othmane, our passion for preserving traditional crafts and sharing our cultural heritage became the cornerstone of our business venture.

Driven by a profound sense of pride in our Moroccan heritage, we founded our company upon relocating to Canada. With a deep appreciation for the exquisite beauty of Moroccan handmade rugs, we set out to establish a company that would not only offer high-quality products but also adhere to the principles of fair trade.

Recognizing the immense talent possessed by the women artisans in Morocco, we sought out the most skilled and dedicated women artisans and ensured that these talented women received fair compensation for their invaluable contributions.

Each rug we showcase tells a story of intricate designs and cultural heritage passed down through generations.Our success lies in preserving cherished art forms and uplifting the lives of these talented women.

We take pride in our commitment to fair trade practices, cultural appreciation, and responsible sourcing. Join us in celebrating the artistry of the skilled women artisans of Morocco as we bring the beauty and cultural heritage of Moroccan handmade rugs to customers worldwide.