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Atlas Essense Rug


SKU: EXC-01-0067
Rug details and Specifications:
100% Pure Wool
Exclusive Rugs
2.9 m x 2.03 m == 9'6" x 6'8"
22.4 Kg | 49.38 Lbs
Morocco's High Mountain Atlas
Handwoven, one of a kind item
Delivery time
3 to 10 Days

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Description :

Introducing the “Atlas Essence Rug,” a captivating creation that seamlessly combines shades of beige and light brown, adorned with traditional Berber motifs. This rug is a homage to the rich heritage of traditional old rugs, infused with a touch of modernity. Crafted with meticulous care, it stands as a unique and one-of-a-kind item, reflecting the essence of the Atlas region’s cultural tapestry.

Made from 100% Pure Wool, this rug measures 2.9 meters by 2.03 meters (9’6″ x 6’8″) and has a weight of 22.4 kilograms (49.38 Lbs). Handwoven by skilled artisans in Morocco’s High Mountain Atlas, it is a testament to the timeless beauty of traditional techniques passed down through generations.

As part of our exclusive collection of 100% handmade rugs, the Atlas Essence Rug embodies the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail. With a diverse range of styles, including contemporary, traditional, and vintage-inspired designs, there is a rug in this collection to suit every personal taste.

We take pride in offering these exclusive, handmade rugs, as each piece represents a blend of tradition and innovation. Discover the perfect addition to your home and share your unique find on social media with #marrakechtreasures. Shop now and bring the Atlas Essence Rug into your space, adding warmth, elegance, and a touch of cultural heritage.

Disclaimer :

Any discolorations or imperfections in this item are due to the unique nature of the materials used and should not be considered damages. The details that distinguish these rugs are slight variations in line thickness, asymmetry of geometric patterns, and color imperfections.