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Berber Constellation Cream Taznakht Rug


SKU: TAZ-06-0033
Rug details and Specifications:
100% Pure Wool
Taznakht Rugs
2 m x 1 m == 6'7" x 3'3"
2.75 Kg | 6.06 Lbs
Morocco's High Mountain Atlas
Handwoven, one of a kind item
Delivery time
3 to 10 Days

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Description :

The Berber Constellation Cream Taznakht Rug is a celestial canvas of Berber culture, handwoven with a plethora of traditional symbols that resemble a starry sky over the Sahara. This exquisite rug is crafted from 100% wool , ensuring that each piece is as sustainable as it is beautiful. The creamy base highlights the multitude of colorful motifs, each one dyed with natural substances to create a vibrant, lasting pattern. Sourced from the Atlas Mountains’ sheep, known for their quality wool, the rug offers a touch of luxury with a story woven into every fiber. Ready to be delivered within 3 to 10 days, this Taznakht rug invites a piece of Moroccan history and artistry into your living space, perfect for those who value both tradition and sustainability.

Disclaimer :

Any discolorations or imperfections in this item are due to the unique nature of the materials used and should not be considered damages. The details that distinguish these rugs are slight variations in line thickness, asymmetry of geometric patterns, and color imperfections.