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Handcrafted Taznakht Rug Kaleidoscope of Moroccan Hues and Shapes


SKU: TAZ-06-0006
Rug details and Specifications:
100% Pure Wool
Taznakht Rugs
2.08 m x 1.16 m == 6'10" x 3'10"
5.85 Kg | 12.9 Lbs
Morocco's High Mountain Atlas
Handwoven, one of a kind item
Delivery time
3 to 10 Days

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Description :

Embrace the lustrous sheen and elegant quality of Taznakht, where a specific breed of sheep with long, silky wool and another with long, black wool have been carefully selected to create this exceptional rug. Made entirely from 100% wool , this rug embodies sustainability and artistry. The rich, captivating hues draw inspiration from nature, featuring dyes derived from plants such as henna, pomegranate, madder, saffron, and alum.

Handwoven by skilled artisans, this one-of-a-kind item is a testament to Moroccan craftsmanship. Each stitch tells a story of dedication and tradition, making this Taznakht rug a true work of art.

Disclaimer :

Any discolorations or imperfections in this item are due to the unique nature of the materials used and should not be considered damages. The details that distinguish these rugs are slight variations in line thickness, asymmetry of geometric patterns, and color imperfections.