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Kaleidoscope Moroccan Rug


SKU: EXC-01-0019
Rug details and Specifications:
100% Pure Wool
Exclusive Rugs
2.97 m x 2.1 m == 9'9" x 6'11"
23.25 Kg | 51.26 Lbs
Morocco's High Mountain Atlas
Handwoven, one of a kind item
Delivery time
3 to 10 Days

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Description :

Introducing our “Kaleidoscope Layout Moroccan Rug,” a vibrant and colorful addition to our exclusive collection of 100% handmade rugs. This rug is a celebration of color and pattern, designed to mimic the ever-changing beauty of a kaleidoscope. Crafted by skilled artisans in the High Mountain Atlas region of Morocco, this rug is the result of traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations.

Made entirely from 100% pure wool, this rug is not only visually stunning but also soft to the touch and durable. The use of natural dyes in its creation results in a multitude of colors that are both vivid and environmentally friendly. With dimensions of 3 meters by 2.06 meters (9 feet 10 inches by 6 feet 9 inches) and a weight of 23 kilograms (50.71 pounds), this rug is a substantial and impactful piece for any room.

The kaleidoscope design of the rug, featuring a myriad of colors and intricate patterns, makes it a unique work of art. It’s designed to bring a sense of joy and vibrancy to your home, fitting perfectly in a variety of settings, from a modern living room to a cozy bedroom. Each glance at this rug reveals a new pattern or color, making it an endlessly fascinating centerpiece.

As with all our handmade rugs, expect this gorgeous piece to be delivered to your home within 3 to 10 days. By choosing our “Kaleidoscope Layout Moroccan Rug,” you not only enhance the beauty of your space but also support the rich tradition of Moroccan weaving and the artisans dedicated to this craft. Let this rug be a testament to your taste for artistry and your appreciation for handmade craftsmanship.

Disclaimer :

Any discolorations or imperfections in this item are due to the unique nature of the materials used and should not be considered damages. The details that distinguish these rugs are slight variations in line thickness, asymmetry of geometric patterns, and color imperfections.