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Tribal Harmony Handwoven Taznakht Rug


SKU: TAZ-06-0049
Rug details and Specifications:
100% Pure Wool
Taznakht Rugs
1.67 m x 1.08 m == 5'6" x 3'7"
2.4 Kg | 5.29 Lbs
Morocco's High Mountain Atlas
Handwoven, one of a kind item
Delivery time
3 to 10 Days

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Description :

The Tribal Harmony Handwoven Taznakht Rug is a testament to the rich tapestry of Moroccan tribal history, each handcrafted pattern telling a story of community and culture. Woven from 100% wool , this rug features an eclectic mix of traditional Berber symbols and geometric designs, set against a canvas of warm earth tones and vibrant accents. The natural dyes used to create this piece result in a rich depth of color, while the wool, sourced from the Atlas Mountains’ sheep, ensures a quality that is both luxurious and durable. With a delivery time of 3 to 10 days, this rug is not only a nod to the past but a vibrant addition to any contemporary home, ready to infuse it with the spirit of Moroccan artisanry.

Disclaimer :

Any discolorations or imperfections in this item are due to the unique nature of the materials used and should not be considered damages. The details that distinguish these rugs are slight variations in line thickness, asymmetry of geometric patterns, and color imperfections.